Cherry Blossom Festival Fail?

On Saturday, Sarah Jane and I went on a fun adventure road trip. We heard about this cherry blossom festival in a park called Branch Brook, so we planned to go and take some pictures. (Cherry blossoms are my favorite.) So we sent out to the park to see all the cherry blossoms, but when we got there we were very disappointed because there was only one tree left. It was because of all these cold days we have had in New Jersey these past two weeks that the trees no longer had blossomed. We were so upset that we traveled an hour to see them. We did take some good pictures of the one good tree as well as a couple near one that was half dead.

After, that we decided to check out a donut place that was on the news as well as all over Facebook. It was called Glazed Donuts and they have many different and funky flavors. We tried donuts like cannoli, s’mores, glazed, Italian cookie, and Boston cream.  There were some we liked and some we didn’t but it was fun to try new flavors. We had so much fun spending the day together. It was her first weekend free from work because she had to work on Saturdays for the busy season.  Even though we didn’t see many trees and that was the purpose of the trip it was fun walking around talking and laughing. I am going to include some of my favorite pictures from Saturday.

xox cassie karin

IMG_2542 IMG_2609 IMG_2629 IMG_2529 IMG_2543 IMG_2546 IMG_2549 IMG_2555 IMG_2581 IMG_8880 IMG_8887 IMG_8895 IMG_8899 IMG_8910 IMG_8912


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