The Babysitting Life

Hey, Guys! I hope you all had a great weekend. This past Thursday and Friday I was babysitting for a family that I have been babysitting for almost a year and a half. There is a baby Grayson who is 20 months old and Gavin who is 10 years old. I watched just Grayson this time and we spent the two days doing lots of fun things. We went to the park and fed the animals, we played outside, we did some cooking, and we even cuddled and watch some fun television. I have grown so close to this family and recently I found out they are moving to Florida. When they told me I was heartbroken, when you have this bond with these kids it just so hard for them to leave. I am grateful for all the fun things we do and movies nights with these kids and I cherish all the time I have left with them here in Jersey.

Grayson being silly.
He was unsure about the deer.
He loves sticking that tongue out.
Cheesy smiles are the best.

This is not the first time a family that I have become really close to a family who had to move away. I met this family at the preschool I work at and watched them for 4 years and then the husband got a job in Wisconsin and they had to go. It was so hard to say goodbye to them. I loved them so much. I do visit them in Wisconsin every summer but unfortunately, this summer I can’t because I have to take summer classes. When I think of them or see old pictures of them it is still so hard.

Luke and Haley when they still lived in Jersey.
Luke and Haley when I visited Wisconsin and we went to the jelly belly factory.

Have a Great Week!

xox cassie karin


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