Aquarium Adventures

Hey, Guys!  Yesterday, Sarah Jane and I went on a little trip to Adventure Aquarium. She was off from work, I was off from school, we wanted to do something fun, and I needed to take lots of pictures. So we decided to go to the aquarium. When we arrived we noticed a lot of families with a lot of children. The children were so rude and wild, I couldn’t believe it. I have worked with a lot of different children within the past 9 years and when older children are acting like animals in a public place I think it’s uncalled for. They were running, screaming, pushing, walking through pictures, and just standing in the way. The worst part was that the parents were doing nothing about it. This really put a damper on today’s visit which sucks, but other than that it was fun to see all the different sea animals.  After the aquarium, we stopped at The Container Store to look around we bought a couple items. We finally, decided to eat at Chilies closer to home. So we sat in a lot of traffic and Sarah Jane tested me on my phonetics stuff. We had a great day and I am so happy I get to do fun stuff with her.

xox cassie karin


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