Final Week is Stressful!

Hey Guys! I hope you guys are having a good day. My day started off waking up late and having to rush to get ready for work. The kids today at work were fight with each other about every toy in the classroom while the teacher and I were trying to get things ready for the end of the year show. Anyway back to what this post is about:)

This week is the last week of the semester. (thank goodness) Which means it’s finals, I only have one actual final, for my other classes I have a paper due and the pictures for photography. This phonetics final is really stressing me out. It is 40% of the final grade and I did not do that well on the midterm so I need to do very well on it. I have been studying and practicing for the past two weeks. This week I  have been studying every free minute I have whether it’s at a red light or when I am work and the kids are sleeping. I still do not feel completely ready for this exam and it’s stressing me out. This phonetic class is very hard to begin with and I have to try extra hard in school because I have problems taking test and retaining the information that we learn and I studied. I have flashcards, I read my notes, and I have even had Sarah Jane help my study. I am just ready for Wednesday to be over and I can get some sleep.

On average the past three weeks, I have got around 5 hours of sleep each night which is not a lot and makes me a little cranky. I need more sleep, so after this final I will be catching up on my missed sleep.

If you have finals, good luck and I will talk you all when I am finished with this final.

Just know it will be worth it!

xox cassie karin


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