Grad Schools???

Hey guys!

So it is currently 12:30AM and I am writing a blog post because I cannot fall asleep. I came home from work with an allergy headache so I took a three hour nap and now I am awake. So naturally at midnight on summer break I look up grad schools in New Jersey. I was told by one of my professor that there were only three schools in Jersey, but I found there are at least 4-5 different schools. So I have begun my search of grad schools, which is early I have probably another year and a half before I start applying, but I wanted to know my options and have an idea of what schools I will be applying for. When I was in high school I never went through this college process because I knew I was going to start at community college and then eventually move to a four year college. I ended up staying at the community college longer than I thought because of how poorly I did on the placement test and how many times I changed my major. I started as an education major, then I switched to business, then graphic design, then back to education and then I finally fell in love with speech after I took my first sign language class. I applied to Kean and that was the only school I applied to at the time and I was accepted. And now I am currently working super hard to complete school with the bachelorโ€™s and to move on to my masters. With the goal of becoming a speech pathologist I need to get masters so I still have a couple years before I can actually start working.

Thinking about the future is scary and exciting. I am super nervous about grad school and growing up. I am excited to be moving on to this next step in my future and helping all the children I can.

So that is all for this midnight blog, talk to you guys soon.


xox cassie karin


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