Didn’t Pass the Praxis!?!?!

Hey Guys! I hope you all had a great memorial day. I spent my day babysitting in the morning than hanging with friends and family. As you probably can tell by the title of this post I did not pass the praxis that I took last week. I studied so much and I just missed it. I got an email saying my grades were posted so I went on, but there are only math and reading grades not writing. So I missed math by 7 points and reading by 2 points. I already registered to take it again on June 22nd. I am taking all three again even though I didn’t get my writing grade because it is cheaper to do all for $150 than $90 each. So now I have to study more.

This weekend I also did a lot of other productive things. We got the pool ready, I planted more, I ate lots of watermelon, folded lots of laundry, babysat for 30 hours, and cleaned my room. Here in Jersey we are already having summer weather high 80’s and low 90’s so it’s been pretty hot outside. So I am now going to bed, just a short and sweet post today.

xox cassie karin



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