My Friday!

Hey Guys!  Happy Weekend 🙂 It is late Friday night or early Saturday morning and I have been doing some research on the computer and I figured I will share about my exciting Friday. I am also going to try a different format.

7:45am- I woke up and jumped into the shower

8:36am-I left for work and stopped at Dunkin for an ice tea and a free donut. #nationaldonutday

9:00am-Work, work, and more work. My work day involved of changing diapers, wiping boogers, and arts and crafts.

12:45pm-went to PetSmart and got the chinchilla food and bedding

1:30pm- ate some potato salad and a hotdog for lunch and watched some YouTube videos

3:00pm-back to work for a couple more hours.

6:45pm- met Sarah Jane at the movies to see You Before Me (it was so good. I laughed and cried and would totally recommend the movie)

9:30pm-as we wiped the tears off we walked outside to go home and ended up taking for 1.5 hours in the parking lot. (It always happens either outside or in the car)

11:00pm-got home, put my pj’s on, washed my hair (because we are dying tomorrow), brushed my teeth, and got into bed.

11:45pm-did some research on the cruises and northern lights.

12:30am-writing this blog post.

xox cassie karin

happy weekend


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