4th of July, Bathroom Remodel, and Failing the Praxis again!

Hey Guys!

I know I have been missing for a few weeks life has been so busy. I am on the final stretch of dog sitting this week and it has been hard work going there three times a day and having to stop what I am doing or plan my life around this dog sitting job. This past weekend was the fourth of July and on Sunday we had a barbeque with some friends and family and it was just a relaxing day outside grilling and hanging out. Then on Monday, I went to a barbeque which was really fun I made yummy cupcakes and watermelon looking rice krispies treats. Finally, Sarah Jane, Carly, and I went to the local park to watch the fireworks. It was fun weekend and let’s just say I was tired after that weekend.

I also found out that I didn’t pass the praxis again. I had a feeling because that morning of the test I woke up feeling like crap and I was literally falling asleep during the test. So I am giving myself until the end of august to study my ass off and pass that test. Everyone keeps telling me “third time’s the charm” and boy do I hope that’s true. I also feel that I rushed into the test the second time. I picked the busiest week of the month with back to back things going on at work. So I have over a month to study and prepare for the next time.

So I have a couple of things coming up in the next couple of weeks. The first thing is I am spending two days in Baltimore to visit the zoo and aquarium. Then, two days in Cape May to visit, go whale watching, and go to the drive in Movie Theater. At the end of July Sarah Jane and I are going to the Quick Chek Balloon Festival which we plan on going really early to watch the balloons lift off. I am super excited to see that and no I will not be doing in a balloon they scary the hell out of me.  Then, finally I am going to Vermont for a couple days in Vermont with my family and Sarah Jane. It should be fun, just some time to relax, unwind, and forget about the world for a while. I have all those things to look forward to but, I did get some summer hours at work which is just a couple extra bucks in my pocket this summer.

I almost forgot the big project that I have been working on at home. So it all started when I was peeling off star wall stickers off the wall in the bathroom, well one peeled off the paint on the wall so I decided we needed to paint the bathroom. This project went from simply painting the walls to painting the vanity, taking the over the toilet shelf off and adding different shelves, getting to shower curtains, and new towels and rugs. Also, the floor will be ripped up and redone. Even though we still have some more work to be done I love the way it is turning out.


Have a great week!
xox cassie karin


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