Getting away from life for a while.

Hey Guys!

Today, my family, my best friend, and I ย are off on a road trip to Vermont for a couple days. My aunts uncle has a cabin up in the mountains of Vermont and we are all looking forward for this fun trip. I always enjoy these trips because it is an escape from the world for a little. You have to drive at least 30 minutes to get a local store, there is no internet service in the house and if you want signal to make a call you have to go into the middle of the street. It is going to be a very relaxing trip. We play board games, make friendship bracelets, color, and my favorite sit around the fire. We only have one day that we have plans and that is when we go tour the Ben and Jerry’s Factory which is going to be so much fun. So as you probably guessed this is my last post for the week. I will not be using the internet that much. I am still going to try to post my daily picture on instagram, but no facebook, twitter, snapchat, or youtube. I am going to enjoy my time with my family and friends.

Thanks and I will be back sometime after August 15th!

xox cassie karin


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