Back 2 School Essentials

Hey Guys!

It is that time of the year when the stores fill up with school supplies. I   have this strange obsession with buy new school supplies. I always buy way too much. It is almost back to school time and I have been picking up my favorite back to school essentials. I have decided to share with you my must haves to be ready for back to school. I am starting another semester of college on September 1st and these are the things I need.

The first thing is a planner. I got this planner from Walmart for around $7. A planner will help stay organized and on top of events or assignments due. The planner I have has a month page which is great to add birthdays or events. The daily page is good for assignments, class schedules, and work schedules.

Notebooks are another thing I love using. I prefer single subject notebooks compared to five subject or binders. I like being able to grab a small notebook and go to class. They come in so many different colors so you can get a different color for each class or subject.



You don’t want to be that person in class that always asked to borrow a pen or pencil. I always come prepare with plenty of pens and pencils. I have my favorite pens and pencils which I always have plenty on hand. My favorite pens are the Bic Atlantic pen and my favorite pencils are Ticonderoga’s. I also love having different color pens with me because when I’m taking notes I like to use different colors for titles and to keep my notes color coated.


A couple other things I like to have to help with my notes are post its, highlighters, and white out. I always have these with me because if I have to take notes in my books I use post its, if I’m taking notes in my notebook I use highlighters, and white out for my mistakes or for classmate mistakes.


You need a cute pencil case to keep all your supplies in. I use the pink striped one for my post it’s, white out, highlighters, and bigger items. I use the other one for pens and pencils. These were both under $3 each.


Finally, a reusable water bottle is something I would recommend having. I have this one that I bought from school. I like it because I can refill it where ever I go. It is always great to drink water and save the earth at the same time.


So these are my must haves for going back to school.

xox cassie karin


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