Summer is OVER!

Hey Guys!

Summer is official over. Last week I started back at school and this week all the other schools are starting back. I also start work tomorrow so I thought I would recap this summer. I did a fair amount of things this summer including:

  • Road trip to Baltimore with Sarah jane
  • Went to the zoo and aquarium
  • Road trip to Cape May with Sarah jane
  • Saw the sunset on the beach
  • Saw a drive in movie
  • Spent a week in Vermont cabin with family
  • My uncle got married and I took the pictures
  • I did lots of crafts
  • I failed the praxis again
  • I cooked new things
  • I did a lot of babysitting
  • I got a new bike
  • I went to the balloon festival
  • I redid the bathroom with my brother
  • Had some fun bon fires with friends
  • I watched lots of movies
  • I reorganized my entire room
  • I planned my nieces 1st birthday
  • I took so many pictures

I think summer was filled with happiness, sadness, and craziness. It wasn’t the best summer ever, but I still think it was pretty awesome. This was also the last summer I won’t have classes, starting next summer I will have to be taking summer classes. Now that school has started I have already been over whelmed with studying and homework.  Yesterday I spent most of the day doing homework. I had 140 vocabulary words for anatomy and physiology that I had to look up and write down. It was about 6 pages long and by the end my hand hurt so much.


My personal goal is to post once a week, but I know there will be weeks I don’t post at all or there maybe weeks I post more than one post. This all depends on how much work I have to do during the week. I go to school 5 days a week as well as working and babysitting.

xox cassie karin


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