Never Forget

It was a regular Tuesday morning as I got ready for school. I was a 9 year old girl in the 4th grade not knowing this tragic day would change history. The class was all sitting in our seats in science class and the phone rang. The teacher told of the kids to pack his stuff and go to the office because he was leaving early. So we did not even think twice, that could happen any old day. Then slowly the class of 25 became a class of 15 kids. As we all sat at our desks wondering and talking about why everyone was leaving and what was going on. My teacher at the time did not know what was going on either. Then finally the principal said something happened in NYC, and that some parents were going to pick up their kids early. I was not one that got picked up early; I had to wait until I got home from school to find out what happened. As soon as I walked through the doors of my house I saw the tragedy that was happening in NYC. I can still see in my head those exact pictures and videos I saw that day. The one video that I remember the most is the one where all the people are running down the street and the dark smoke is following close behind them. It has been 15 years, and these memories are still vivid in my head. I read a post on Facebook that this year freshman class in high school will learn about this day as history. These kids were not even alive when this happened, and now it’s in textbooks. We will never forget the people who lost their lives and the people who helped.


xox cassie karin


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