Personal Day

Hey Guys!

I am writing this post because I decided to take a personal day off from work today. It’s been a busy month of September and I just needed a day to relax and get something done at home.  Everyone in my house is either at work or school, which leaves the house very quiet.  I must say I am enjoying the day already and its only 11:30am. I slept in a little, painted my nails, watched some NCIS, and made some breakfast. I still have a lot I want to do today, but I am glad I have this day to stay in my pajamas and get work done. I want to wash my entire bedding, do some reading for school, write my paper for class, do some online assignments, and plan out the meals for the next two weeks.

I must say I am actually enjoying this semester except for my anatomy and physiology class. All my other classes and professors are super amazing.  I enjoy going to those classes, but for my A&P class I find just sitting there listening to her for an hour and 15 minutes feels like torture.  I am sure she is a great person, but she talks in one tone, and the way she talks about the topics is so boring. When I am sitting in class I lose interest within the first ten minutes of the lecture. So this class is my only worry about this semester.

I hope you guys enjoy your week.

xox cassie karin


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