Good Bye September!

Hey Guys!

Happy October! I am so excited that it finally October. I actually dislike September a lot because school starts and back to work so it’s a lot of stress happening and you are getting used to the new schedule.  I also hate that it could be summer one day and fall another. I absolutely love fall, it is my favorite season. I love the cooler weather, apple picking, pumpkin carving, bon fires, pumpkin candles, and the leaves changing color.

September was not an easy month for me. It has been the most stressful month and semester of my life. I have been working my ass off with all my school work that I have had just in the first month. I met some new friends at school and new professors that I am so lucky to have. There are also those annoying people in my classes and the one professor that I cannot stand. The one class stresses me out so much that I freak for test, which makes me more nervous than normal and I can’t remember anything for the test.  It is basically every Monday and Thursday I have language development which I enjoy and then I go to anatomy and physiology and I end up crying on my way home from school. I have tried so many different tricks to memorize what on the test, but it’s like impossible for me to remember them. It sucks! I have a hard time taking test to begin with so now add a hard class, and a professor that I cannot stand it doesn’t end well.  And yes I know I will sometimes have professors I  don’t like, but this class can change my whole plan I set for myself so it does matter a lot. I have been working my butt in all of my other classes and I am enjoying it a lot. For once in my life I enjoy going to school and going to 4/5 classes I have.

The weather this past week has sucked. It was been raining every single day this week.  Sarah Jane and I were supposed to go apple picking this week and we couldn’t so hopefully soon we will get to the orchard. (Pictures will be posted when I go)

So it’s October 1st, and I have my mind set to make it a great month. I have started eating healthy, getting a quick workout before work or school, getting school assignments done right away, starting to study early, staying organize with my planner, and just trying to enjoy life. I want become a happy successful speech language pathologist so I need to do everything in my power to keep my life moving forward.

Well this post was a mess. I plan to make October great and I hope you make your awesome too! Have a great week and I will talk to you guys soon.


xox cassie karin


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