Dear Best Friend,

Dear Best Friend,

I think every day how I am so lucky to be best friends with you. Before we met, I always thought the friends I had were going to be the ones I have for the rest of my life. I thought they were going to be the friends that came to my college graduation, were in my wedding party, and would become aunts to my children; that quickly changed when we met.  I never thought that we would become best friends, let alone friends. When our mutual friend introduced us, I personally thought we were just going to be the people that were just friendly with each other. Quickly something changed, that one friend dropped us like last year’s fade. As the years went by during high school we became closer and closer.

Our friendship is one of the greatest things I have in my life. You are the person I text when I need to vent, when I find something crafty for us to do, and for when I find some funny picture online. You always have you shoulder open for when I just need to cry, and are always there for me when I need to escape my crazy family. We have so many of the same interest from crafting, trying new things, baking, taking pictures, watching Gilmore girls, or even just relaxing on the couch. You are always up for anything and I love that. You bring out the best in me, and you push me to be a better person. You do everything you possible to help my in school. You give me advice when I need it. You always know what to say. You are so important to be and I can’t even imagine my life without you as my best friend. We have our ups and downs during the past 10 years of being friends and I wouldn’t want to change it another way.



xox cassie karin


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