Dear Starbucks Very Berry Refresher,

Dear Starbucks Very Berry Refresher,

Thank you for bringing joy into my life. When I first tasted you I did not know what to expect, but you were so delicious. You are now the one and only thing I order from Starbucks. I love the sweetness of the tea mixed with the blackberries. You are something I drink in the middle of winter and on the hottest day of the year. You are refreshing and I do not feel guilty for drinking you. I like you sibling strawberry acai refresher, but not as much as I love you. You are worth the 15-minute drink and the 10-minute wait in the drive thru line. I plan my day and where I have to shop to where the closest Starbucks is. You cost much more then I would like to spend on a drink, but Starbucks still gets my money. I have also changed the size I get to the trenta, because I cannot get enough of you. Thank you for being so yummy and for making me a Starbucks addict.



P.S. When I leave work I am coming to get you!


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