Beauty and The Beast Movie Review | SPOILERS!

Hey, Guys!

Before you go any further, this post does have spoilers about the movie.

Seriously you have been warned!

So this weekend I went to the movies to see the new Beauty and The Beast movie and I thought I would write a little review. I loved it! I loved every minute of the movie. I was so excited to see the movie because I liked the original and I also loved when they redid Cinderella.

We bought our tickets about three weeks before the movie came out because we knew it was going to be a big hit.  The music, actors, and everything else was just perfect. When the trailer came out I was kind of freaked out by the way the beast looked, but I must say as the movie went on I actually loved him. Emma Watson did an amazing job as Belle and Dan Stevens did a great job as the Beast.  I came home singing the songs and I also purchased the soundtrack and have been listening to all the songs. My favorite song at the moment is Evermore that is sung by the beast.

I literally cannot stop talking about it, and I am dying to see it again. I also am on the hunt for the original, because it has been years since I have seen it.

I had two favorite parts in the movie. The first scene I was so excited to see was the “Be Our Guest” because I remember that it was amazing in the original. I must say I was very impressed I thought it was amazing and it was fun, colorful, and the singing was great. The second one was the one that Belle and the Beast travel in Paris where Belle was born and they learn how her mom died. I thought the song was great and it was interesting to learn about her mom.

These are the difference I notice between the original from 1991 and the new one.

  1. We learn the back story of the Beast, his father is the reason he was the way he was.
  2. We also learn about Belle’s mother, and we learn how she died.
  3. Beast and Belle took a trip to Paris to the spot where Belle’s mom died.
  4. The castle crumbles every time a petal falls from the rose.
  5. Chip does not have any siblings.
  6. The Beast gets his own song. (and it’s amazing)
  7. Finally, they added four new songs “Evermore,” “Days in the Sun,” “How does a Moment Last Forever,” and “Aria.”

There may be more that I did not realize. I would totally recommend going to see this movie. If you have seen it already let me know how you felt about it.

xox cassie karin



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