Planner |$50 or $8

So over the past couple of months, I have been very into using a planner and all the cute accessories. I looked into an Erin Condren planner, but I could get myself to spend $50 on a planner. So I went into Target and found this cute one.


This one is a Dabney Lee for BlueSky Weekly/Monthly Planner. This planner cost me $8 and it does everything a $50 planner would. I picked this floral pattern with gold spirals. I like the cover because it is open on the top and you can slide pictures or notes inside.


This planner had a monthly view as well as a weekly view. I use the monthly for holidays and birthday and the weekly view for my work schedule, errands I have to run, bills I have to pay, and other events.

Every week is different when I write things in my planner. Some weeks I go all out and use stickers and write everything. And other weeks I’m so busy and don’t have time to add stickers that I just write the important things down. Either way, I having my planner with me and I like that I can have more creative control compared to just writing it down in my phone calendar.

This planner has a note section, which I use a lot when need to write down my shopping lists. It also has a holiday page which gives you the date of the holidays for the next two years and a map of the United States with the time zones.

I have two accessories that I love using when using my planner. The first are my Happy Planner stickers which you can find at Michaels and Hobby Lobby. They have so many different sticker books; these two are one for fitness and the other for everyday things. The second are my favorite pens. These are the Sharpie Pens and I love them. They write amazing and they do not bleed through the pages.

I love using my planner and being organized with my life. It helps me with birthdays, events, and mostly my work schedule which gets a little crazy especially the babysitting part. Please let me know what planner you use and if you have any fun accessories.

xox cassie karin



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