A to Z |road trip tips

Hey, Guys!

So going on a road trip is one of my favorite ways to go on a trip. Sometimes they are filled with problems and stress, but there are ways to try to make the most of the trip. I have taken about 6 road trips since I turned 18, and I have learned many things during my experiences. I have come up with my A to Z road trips tips.

  • AAA is a great service to have (they saved us on one road trip)
  • Backpack, filled with snacks, water, books, and whatever else you want when you’re not driving
  • Car, make sure your car is ready for a road trip. Oil change, tire pressure, and an over all look through
  • Don’t over pack. Only pack the stuff you need. No one likes a stuffed car
  • E-ZPass is great and you don’t have to mess with change for the tolls
  • Friends are the best road trip companions
  • Gas, pay attention to your gas tank and how many miles between rest stops
  • Have fun
  • Ice in a small cooler or lunch bag will keep you from drinking warm drinks
  • Junk food is good, but keep some healthy snacks that are not going to drain your energy
  • Keys, bring an extra set of car keys and give them to another person
  • Loud music is fun, but make sure you are paying attention to the road and to things around you
  • Music, make cd’s  so you can listen to music when you in a zone where there is no signal
  • Negative is not needed in the car, keep it happy and fun
  • Opened mind, things could go wrong so keep an open mind
  • Plan, even if it’s just a rough plan
  • Quiet, make sure you are not really loud when someone is sleeping; they may need to rest so they can drive later
  • Relax; make sure you give yourself some time to relax when arriving to your destination
  • Snacks, this will save you money from expensive rest stops
  • Take lots of pictures to remember the trip
  • U will need a physical map, there will be times your phone or gps will have no signal
  • Vacuum and clean out your car before you go, this will just make the car more enjoyable
  • Walk, don’t forget to get out and stretch your legs
  • Xit (exit lol) make sure you are paying attention to the exits you need to take if you miss one sometimes it’s hard to get back on route
  • Yawn, if you’re tired change drivers or stop to take a nap
  • Zzz’s make sure get a good night’s rest before you leave for your trip


I hope you enjoyed my road trip tips. These are just based on my opinion. I also want to add that AAA and E-Zpass may not be available around the world. (AAA is a road side service and E-Zpass is basically a little device that you add money online, and it’s in your car and when you go through tolls it just takes the money instead of having to pay the toll each time).

Here are just a few pictures from recent road trips.

xox cassie karin



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