Rough First Week of School

Hey, Guys!

So I made it through the first week of the semester! It wasn’t easy, and I am already feeling a little over whelmed hence the break from studying to write a blog post.  So this semester is a pretty crazy one because I am going to two different schools. I am taking a math class at my community college because it was cheaper and closer. I am also taking 4 classes at Kean. I am taking: music survey, psychology: life span, college algebra, biology: anatomy & physiology, and Zumba from my p.e class.

While I only go to school three days a week it’s been rough trying to get back in the groove of things and remembering where I have to be and at what time. I had one mix up where I was heading to the wrong school, but I caught myself before I got too far out of the way. I have taken some time off from school, but this semester is the first time I am feeling really motivated to finish. I have a couple more credits to take and to pass the praxis test and then it will become graduation day. I have hit a lot of struggles in school since I left high school, and it has taken me a lot longer to graduate, but I am finally in the home stretch. I could not be more excited to actually have a college degree and begin working on my masters.

On top of the first week of school and I also had a pretty bad weekend. I was babysitting Gavin and Grayson which was not good, on top of trying to find money to pay for the semester tuition and books. It was a very emotion weekend; I cried a lot of tears in the playroom at their house. I was stressed with school, finding a job, the boys not behaving, and just other personal things going on in my life. It was just a full breakdown and I have to say after that I am feeling better about my life. I still struggle with school and still no job, but I feel like my life is finally going to be moving forward.

That’s all for this post. I am hoping to post more once I get more into the groove of things.

xox cassie karin


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